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I'm a New Yorker transplanted to Nashville and have lived in the south for the last six years. My work lies somewhere between illustrative narrative, photography, and collage. Imagery is stripped down to its most basic elements, light and texture. Details are taken away then integrated back into the artwork to shape new composite works. Forever analyzing the enigma of being human, I continuously construct and deconstruct the boundaries of my photographic world. Work can be found in collections and corporate installations in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Nashville.


Tinney Contemporary

James Gallery

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VISITING ARTIST | Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Science | Disease and Biophysics Group
Harvard University, Cambridge MA
Merging Art and Science > Nano. Stasis Cosmic Garden

ArtFixDaily.com Harvard Visiting Artist Carla Ciuffo Merges Art With Cutting-Edge Science

more works: carlaciuffophotography.com

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These black-and-white images feel like they should be full of movement, but as these minuscule humans float within an enormous garden, it feels like something is about to happen but hasn’t yet. Perhaps they’re diving headlong into the void, or perhaps they’re ascending. Are they heavenly bodies, or are they damned? It’s not clear, as this in-between moment absolves them of judgment. – Cat Acree, Nashville Arts Magazine, December 2014